Generation I

John Berry (c. 1740 - c. 1810)

Married Anne in ca. 1762

Three Sons: John Jackson, German, David

Some sources say John's father was named Isaac or James Isaac, but there is no reliable documentation.

John may have lived in or near Richmond, VA or Whitehall, VA (there is no reliable documentation of this either).  Some of those sources also say that John moved to the area on the border between Anson Co., NC and Chesterfield Co. SC around 1765-66.  That would put him very near his Berry cousins at Sandy Bluff on the Pee Dee River .  It may be that John always lived there.  DNA tests connect three of John Berry's descendants to descendants of Andrew Berry of Sandy Bluff, so they were cousins of some degree.  Other non-related Berry families lived in the Richmond, VA area, so they may be distinct.  All we know for sure is that either (1) John and/or his parents moved to Virginia and then returned to Carolina ; or (2) John lived his whole life in Carolina.

There is a good site with extended family trees related to John here:


Generation II

Census records show these three brothers moved from Carolina to Mississippi between 1810-1819.

A link regarding descendants of John Jr. and German is here:

(A) John Jackson Berry, Jr. (1765 - 1835)

Went to Simpson Co., MS. in 1828 and settled on Silver Creek. His home sat on the county line which divides Simpson and Lawrence Co. on Section 10, TWP 9N, Range 19W close to Old Hebron.

Married Edith Ann Polk on 4/28/1787

Five sons: Col. John J. III, Hugh, William, Henry, and Richard Talley

Richard Talley had seven sons: Stephen Hitchcock Lemly, Abner Wilkes, Richard Lafayette,  Winfield Scott,  Calvin, John Lampkin, and Prentiss Webb (the Town of Prentiss , MS is named after Prentiss Webb Berry ).

Four descendants of John Jackson, Jr. are members of the Berry DNA Project - LINK


(B) German Berry (1766 - 4/25/1834)

Married Susannah Bailes

The origin of his first name appears to be a variation of “Jarmon.”


(C) David Berry (1775 - 1832)

Lived for about one year in Erie , Green Co., AL, at that time a thriving river port town on the Black Warrior River .  Lived in Simpson Co., MS 1822-28, then moved to Rankin County .  He was a guide and Indian interpreter for troops in Mississippi.

Married Rebecca Vines (d. 1859)

Two sons: German and Thompson Vines

He and Rebecca are said to be the first to be buried in the Sutton-Berry family graveyard.  This is on a trail through a large square of woods jutting into a cow pasture between Jerusalem Church Road and Poplar Street, south of Brandon, MS. 

Generation III


(A) German Berry (1806 - 10/17/1882)

Married Colon Boggan (1814 - 1849) in 1829

Four sons: Joseph Boggan, Pleasant Bogan, Andrew Jackson, David

Moved to Freestone Co., TX in 1870 "Ox Wagon Trail" but returned to Rankin Co., MS to be buried in Berry-Sutton Cemetry.


(B) Thompson Vines (1/5/1808 - 1854)

Married Elizabeth White 


Generation IV

The three younger sons of German Berry served in the 6th Mississippi Infantry Regiment, from its inception in Brandon on 5/4/1861 to its final surrender in 1865.  The fought in the battles of Shiloh, Vicksburg, Kennesaw Mountain, Atlanta, and Franklin (in addition to numerous skirmishes and campaigns).  The regiment incurred 90% casualties (dead, wounded, captured, missing) in its first action at the battle of Shiloh, during a heroic uphill charge against Sherman's Brigade.  The brothers' survival speaks to their skill, luck, and/or discretion.  Andrew's luck did not hold out; he was wounded at Vicksburg.  A good book on this regiment is Going To Meet The Yankees by Grady Howell; also, a good website dedicated to The Bloody Sixth is here:


(A) Jospeh Boggan (b. 12/12/1830)

Five sons: Holden Garther (b. 2/13/1855), Joseph Thompson Bell (b. 8/18/1859), Jefferson Davis (6/17/1861), William David (12/9/1863), John Pleasant (4/24/1866 - 2/13/1927).

(B) Pleasant Bogan (12/26/1839 - 5/21/1926)

2nd Corporal in "I" Company (Rankin Greys) of Sixth Mississippi Infantry Regiment

Married Mary Elizabeth Morrah (4/13/1841 - 5/23/1915)

Buried in Florence, MS.

Two sons: Robert German and John Morrah.


(C) Andrew Jackson

Private in "I" Company (Rankin Greys) of Sixth Mississippi Infantry Regiment.  Wounded at Vicksburg.

(D) David

Private in "I" Company (Rankin Greys) of Sixth Mississippi Infantry Regiment.  


Pleasant Bogan Berry had two sons:

(A) Robert German Berry (10/1/1867 - 4/21/1936)

He married Eunie Barnes in 1890.  He later married Hattie Bell Didlake in 1904.

Robert had five sons (the first three with Eunie, the latter two with Hattie):

 (1) Cortez Barnes (June, 1892)

 (2) Enoch Knox (5/4/1898 - April 1984); died in Rankin Co., MS)

 (3) William Pleasant (c. 1900)

 (4) Phillip Hunter (c. 1901); married Jamie Brent (b. 2/2/1915)

 (5) Robert German, Jr. (1/23/1908 - 5/16/1989); B.A., Mississippi College 1931; teacher/coach in Skene, MS; died in Jackson, MS. 

(B) John Morrah Berry

Married Annie Bell on 9/28/1897

Two-time mayor of Florence, MS


John Morrah Berry had three sons:

(A) Raymond

(B) Currie Bernard ("Pluck"): 

  Mississippi College, 1926 (Hall of Fame, Football, Basketball, Baseball)

  Teacher-Coach, Gulf Coast Community College in Perkinston, MS

  Ran a Western Auto store in Columbia, MS.

(C) Rodney Curtis

  Mississippi College, 1931; Teacher-Coach, Winona, MS





John Stephen Berry (b. 1970, Baton Rouge, LA). 

University of Richmond (B.A., 1992); Univesity of Virginia (M.A., 1993; J.D., 1997)

Attorney in Atlanta, GA.: